Program Details

Audience: 56% Female, 44% Male

Format: Sight, Sound and Motion video broadcast through a secure internet connection with Apple media players for high quality HD output.

Video Content: :30 music video clip airs four times per hour. The video clip may feature promotional information displayed on-screen during the music video, such as artist name, song, CD title, record label, website, download information, sales opportunities and concert tour information. YOU CONTROL THE CONTENT.

Loop Length: 10 minute programming loop consisting of 18% Advertisements, 24% School specific content, and 58% Entertainment content (branded or otherwise).

Students: 8,757,564 average weekly traffic count.

Airings: Music video is played in heavy broadcast rotation. Screens currently run an average of 20 hours per day resulting in 633,920 spins per clip in a four week campaign.

Broadcast Campaign Details:
- 4 week campaign
- Average campaign traffic count of 35,030,256
- Less than $0.25 CPM

Research Facts*:
- Students see the Network displays 8.6 times per week on average.
- 93% pass by the screens daily - thatŐs a daily traffic count of 1,163,505
- 67% recall the advertised product - UNAIDED
- 52% ads on the Network were more effective than collegiate newspapers and bulletins
- 35% said they were more likely to make a purchase after seeing the ad on the Network

*Independent research report conducted by GFK Roper.

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